The Len Babb Movie Project is a documentary film dedicated to the life and legacy of legendary Oregon cowboy and accomplished western artist Len Babb.


While the film is carried by Len's life and work, it is also the story of the people who surround him -- his family, friends, and the small community of Paisley, Oregon. This film is a story of character, of traditional western values, and of the enduring faith of an endangered culture that refuses to be counted out despite repeated claims that cowboys are dead to history.


Filmed almost entirely on location in some of Oregon's most challenging and breathtaking landscapes, The Len Babb Movie Project is a film suitable for anyone who believes in building a life around core values, natural beauty, and creativity, rather than cycles of despair, distemper, and destruction.  It is for that reason we believe it will have enduring value.


We will continue filming through the winter of 2020 -- we must follow the seasons to tell the story -- and hope to release the film in the spring of 2021.